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Employer Responsibilities for Jackson, Mississippi Businesses

Maintaining Safe Working Conditions

Upon first being hired by a company in Jackson Mississippi, workers do not always know their rights. All employers within the city must treat employees fairly and keep their working conditions safe. Learning your rights as an employee can help you assert those rights when necessary, particularly when a lapse in responsibility results in damage or injury.

Employment Fairness

The federal government and the Equal Employment Opportunities law as well as Mississippi law forbid companies from discriminating against their employees and potential employees by race, color, sex, religion, or age. Also, employers have an obligation to make their facilities accessible for disabled employees within reason.

All employees who work the same job must also receive the same pay rate, including salary, bonuses, stock options, life insurance, and other benefits.

Employment Payment

Under federal law, employers must pay their employees a minimum wage. The minimum wage also varies by state and sometimes municipality. Employees should receive payment for all hours worked and must receive one and a half times their pay when working over 40 hours a week.

Employers can never withhold wages as a form of punishment. Employees must give express permission to withhold wages unless for tax purposes or court-ordered wage garnishments.

Employment Safety

To keep employees safe, employers must recognize hazards and comply with all federal government rules and regulations. Employers should provide adequate training before an employee can operate heavy machinery or work in hazardous conditions that require knowledge or skill. There should be clear communication between employer and employee about safety, health, and the company's requirements.

With thousands of job-related injury cases to review, injury attorneys notice common trends in workplace accidents. An employer may not have examined workplace conditions for hazards or did not train employees properly. Employers cannot willfully ignore dangers, especially hazards brought to their attention by workers.

Protect Your Rights as an Employee

As employees in Jackson, Mississippi, workers have the right to safety and fair pay. They should be able to show up to work and know that their employer took all reasonable measures to keep them and their coworkers safe and that there is no discrimination.