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Cuckoo Adventure Tours is owned and managed by a family team of Cathal (Ben) & Amanda Bennett. They have travelled extensively all over the world and have tried to bring their exciting experiences and adventures to Ireland .

Hundreds of exciting natural features exist in Ireland and especially West Clare and it is for this reason Cuckoo Adventure Tours was set up to provide, you, the thrill seeker, with this action packed tour availing of all West Clare has to offer.

Cuckoo Adventure Tours has taken all the most exciting aspects of West Clare and developed the most adventure packed day out you can imagine.

Experience Clares coastline in a whole new way with surfing, rock climbing, culture, heritage and history all wrapped into one fantastic day.

Ben is a fully licensed and certified Level 3 surf coach as well as an experienced rock climbing instructor. He has over 19 years as an outdoor instructor behind him. He has managed a number of adventure centres, and developed Irelands first surf school to offer lessons beyond beginner level. With climbing his second love he has hundreds of rock climbs and abseils under his belt.

Amanda is Cuckoo Adventure Tours operations manager. She has years of experience in the Airlines and is always willing to help organise your trip, give you booking advice and answer any of your questions regarding booking dates, availability and activities by e-mail or phone.

Contact Amanda on:

(+353) 086 8448622 or

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

So if you've never surfed, climbed, or if you have and want to experience the excitement again, Cuckoo Adventure Tours is for you!

You'll surf in the Atlantic, walk mountain high, , abseil rock faces, explore ruins and at the end of the action packed day, be droped back to your hotel

Environmental Steps:

While Cuckoo Adventure Tours allows you to think of nothing but action, as a company heavily reliant on Irelands natural aspects, Cuckoo Adventure Tours is very conscious about the environment. Cuckoo Adventure Tours stand by our code of ethics and takes every action to protect our environment.

Cuckoo Adventure Tours practises low impact tourism. Our smaller groups have less impact than large tours on small local communities, while in turn, our business brings valuable tourism income to lesser-visited areas as Cuckoo Adventure Tours gives you the alternative route through West Clare.

Cuckoo Adventure Tours only deal with locally owned suppliers, pubs and restaurants so therefore, all the revenue we bring to the area is returned to the local economy.

Cuckoo Adventure Tours constantly monitor business methods to make sure that our environmental impact is as low as possible. One of the major steps Cuckoo Adventure Tours has taken is to eliminate the paper cycle. All our bookings are done through e-mail with voucher numbers replacing vouchers themselves.

With all this in mind, Cuckoo Adventure Tours hope you take the steps to help us in our endeavour to protect the environment and book with us, the tour operator with you and the environment as our main priorities.

Hope you enjoy our website!

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Axel Hellstrom
Date: Jan 21, 2010

I had a great week. Ben and Brian were great fun. I don't know how they keep that up every week. Thank you for ever...

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